We have many members who are keen stitchers and there is a need for a whole range of sewn items for our charities.

The International Aid Trust are very grateful for all the knitted items for children and adults which are generally for the top half but there is generally a lack of garments for the bottom half! So there is a terrific need for dresses, skirts, shorts and trousers particularly for children.

Many charities have craft sales and welcome things which can go on their stalls. Some of our groups hold their own fundraising stalls for their favourite charity as well. There are lots of stitched items which sell well at these events.

All our central resource areas have sets of commercial sewing patterns which can be ordered by groups so they have their own. We are also in the process of developing a file of sewing patterns that can be copied for individual groups who want them. They can be accessed by clicking on this link - Sewing Patterns

Each centre has some donated fabric available for members and a range of buttons zips and trimmings. We always welcome donations of spare fabric or other bits and pieces as members can make good use of them.

At different times we run sewing classes and workshops both for beginners and for more advanced stitchers in the different areas - do ask if you are interested. Norwich and Sheringham now have a limited number of their own sewing machines.

Each Resource Centre has a supply of new fabric for sale - hurry while stocks last

Sensory Blanket

Have fun with fabric

Specific needs are:

Toys and wall tidies for women's refuges or for sale

Small quilts for Linus and incubators (these should be approx.1 metre square)

Sensory blankets for dementia sufferers.

Dresses, skirts, shorts and trousers.