What's Needed

At Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers we pride ourselves in telling our members that whatever they knit or stitch we will find a good home for it.

However, at certain times charities will ask us for specific items and listed below are items which are currently being requested:

Projects - General Information
- we can no longer accept Fish and Chip Jumpers we do not have an outlet for them
- tie together items such as socks, gloves, snuggle triangles with wool - please do not use safety pins
- check to ensure that no needles or pins are left in the items donated
- all toys that are donated to organisations within the EU must be stress tested
- toys donated to organisations outside the EU should be marked 'EU non-compliant' if they have not been
stressed tested (for example toys donated to IATs)
- be especially careful with baby items. There should be no rough edges that may harm the baby
- all decorations (for example on twiddlemuffs) should be securely attached.

Items such as blankets, trauma teds, hand puppets, children clothes especially jumpers and cardigans are always required. As are Adult hats, hand coverings and scarves for the Homeless.

Items needed for Mannington
Mannington Bears (these are the standard trauma teds but with a Mannington waistcoat instead of the scarf)
Anything Aran
Anything Christmas
Anything to do with the Seaside
Tea cosies
Egg cosies
Pyjama cases
Peg Bags
Retro toys (for example Paddington, Sooty, Rupert the Bear, Noddy etc etc etc)

If you have a problem finding a pattern please contact Elly Reynolds (norfolkknitters2022@gmail.com)

Requests from Charities
PACT - are desperate for dog and cat blankets. Please send by post to Sarah, Woodrising, River Farm, Woodrising, Hingham NR9 4PJ

IATs - all items including baby clothes but not prem baby items

Greyhound Rescue - dog coats for greyhounds

Cats Protection League - blankets for cat baskets and mice for the cats to play with

Various charities - flowers (e.g. poppies; Forget-me-nots; Daffodils; Sunflowers) and a few bees

Morsbags for various Food Banks

Morsbags type bags for English+ (slightly larger than a normal Morsbag)

Also required:

Heather (South Norfolk):
- Tortoises - for the Tortoise Club
- Sensory Blankets
- Adult hats, scarves, gloves, mitts, neck warmers, wrist warmers for the Knitting Box Thetford
- Child hats, scarves, gloves, mitts, neck warmers, wrist warmers for the Knitting Box Thetford
- Trauma Teds and Policemen for the Norfolk Police & Ambulance
- Elephants of any size or colour, elephant hand puppets or circus related items for stall at Diss Carnival in June.
- Large size blankets( inc single bed) for The Knitting Box at Thetford

Stephanie (West Norfolk):
Pet blankets, dog coats and pet toys for animal charities in West Norfolk
Full size bed blankets – single or double for Purfleet Trust
Trauma Teddies for Day Surgery at QEH – please ensure knitted close and stuffed firmly with scarves attached
Shawls and bed socks for the elderly

Gill (Great Yarmouth):
Hats, scarves and adult short fingered/fingerless gloves. Dark colours for homeless charities and all colours for Seafarers' Mission in Great Yarmouth
Cuffed Shawls
Ladies Cardigans (any size any style) – for various care homes
Cushions with removable covers – various charities
Soft toys for care homes

Kate (North Norfolk):
Animal sensory bands – make out of soft fluffy yarn for care homes. The pattern is on our web site
Dog coats and Dog blankets – for various charities
Hedgehogs and hedgehog related items (these can be sent direct to Hedgehog Haven, 22 Thirlby Road, North Walsham, NR28 9BH by post or left in porch)
Adult socks, gloves and hand mittens - required by the Salvation Army
British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDLMR) - seals, mermaids, whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Where possible patterns are on our website. If a pattern is not available then please use one of your own.

Don't forgot that not all items have to be knitted. They can be crocheted or stitched.